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If you’re stuck with nasty blackheads, it’s time to try out our Tweezers.
These Tweezers are designed to effectively remove blackheads off your skin and minimize damage to your skin.
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The Ideal Tweezers For You to Remove Blackheads

We all have those pesky blackheads. Thankfully, we have the best tool to get rid of them once and for all. Tweezers are made to be gentle on your skin and are better than a needle at removing blackheads, plus they won’t damage your skin like a needle can. Get your Tweezers today

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How To Use

Customer Reviews 4.8

Step 1: Please wash your face before cleaning, and then use a towel to hot compress for three minutes to open the pores

  • Step 2: Take out the clip and use alcohol cotton pad to sterilize the clip
  • Step 3: After cleaning the skin, remember to use cold water or pore shrinking water to prevent pores from becoming larger

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Package include:

1x 3*Stainless steel acne needle

  • Tweezers length:11.8cm
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Skin Type:Acne-Prone Skin
  • Color:Silver
  • Gender:Unisex

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  • Pierce the infected part(acne)with a sharp acne Clip.
  • Then gently press the infected part with the ring end,assure the infected part is in the ring.
  • Carefully move the clip to remove acne,after using,clean the skin with skin tonger,then skin may feel refreshing,clean,tender and supple.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews 4.8

Anna O’Brien

Matches the description. Very precise. Fast enough delivery

Customer Review

Ruby Reynolds

Well, to be honest, I did not expect to get for $10 (with delivery) such a quality product. Looks much more expensive than it costs)). The cover is plastic. In the work they showed themselves perfectly. Highly recommend

Customer Review

Henry Coates

Fast Shipping to Canada. It removes dedicated pimples with ease.

Customer Review

Jonathan Sims

Good quality and fast delivery

Customer Review